Visual CV is a great resouce for job seekers (and everyone else)!

In keeping with our theme of helping the job seeker and their personal brand I thought showcasing a robust profile site might be helpful. The nice thing about a profile site like this is that you really "set it and forget it". Unlike a blog where you need to post content regularly for maximum benefit a profile site is much less daunting for the job seeker that is just getting started wiith their online presence.

Visual CV - I recently ran into this site and set up my own profile just to see what the process was like. Overall it was a fairly easy process and I think there is real value here for the job seeker. Here is what I found:

Visual CV is a good tool for Job Seekers


  • Sign-up & setup process - The sign-up process was simple and straightforward. Even the most novice of web users will have no problems. The profile setup wizard is very intuitive and walks you through the process easily. It reminded me of LinkedIn with your resume as the star player. The whole process only took me around an hour and I think with another hour invested I can have a top-notch profile.
  • You can integrate video and audio to your resume. I haven't personally tried this feature yet so I don't know exactly how difficult this might be but my guess is that it will be fairly easy. The value here can be tremendous - if you are comfortable with being on video or audio this is a great way to showcase your personality and expertise in a way that many others will neglect.
  • Many top companies have Visual CVs and you are able to interact with them and even apply for open jobs listed there easily. They also show you relevant job listings in your area based on your profile via SimplyHired.
  • Ability to showcase portfolio pieces - The reason I like this feature is that many job seekers don't think of this when working up an online resume and it is a great way to showcase the type and scope of projects you have worked on before.
  • There are some built in tools to share your Visual CV with others. Direct links to social media sites to share your unique URL are available as well as the ability to create a PDF of your page in case you need to upload it to another site.


  • IE9 Compatability - Not the end of the world and I have found similar problems with other sites but it might throw you off if you use IE9 as your default browser. Solution: Use IE in compatibility mode or switch to Firefox for editing your Visual CV.
  • Domain name handling - it would be awesome if there was a way to point your own domain name to your Visual CV profile. Solution: Use domain forwarding with masking to accomplish this. This is not a difficult process but many people don't know it is possible. I did this for and will create a screen capture video on the process if there is interest in that.
  • The wizard is not as intuitive for non-job seekers. Other than a select box where you can choose that you are not currently looking for a job the interface "feels" like you shouldn't be there unless you are looking for a job. This is not the case and if you read around their site you will see that they want you to use this service whether you are looking for a job or just need a good place online to host your profile. I think a good solution to this would be for the wizard to change slightly for non-job seekers.

I hope this resource can help you with your job search. If you setup a profile please come back here and share it. And if there are other profile / resume site that you would like to share please do!

Happy Easter!

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