Use the tools

You can be a media powerhouse

The tools available today to business people (and regular people :) ) to collaborate, share and promote were almost unthinkable just a few short years ago. You have the tools to create and promote content on a pretty even footing as everyone else out there - including the media giants.

Build it and they will come (not so much)

"I built this new website - why don't I have any customers?"

I consistenly hear people complaining about not having enough traffic, sign-ups, purchases, contacts, fill in the __________. A cursory glance at their website, blog, facebook, twitter, online profiles, etc. give a pretty clear picture almost every time....they tilled the soil and built the field...but they never play a game. And to be honest most never even have a practice!

I am reminded of the quote from Jim Rohn...."Becoming a success in life isn't easy but its simple". A significant portion of the people we work with at Web Station already have the answer key but consistently fail the test. The reason that simple isn't easy is because it is even easier to do nothing. Path of least resistance wins most of the time.

The secret is ...if you can fight the path of least resistance even part of the time you will stand out. You will make a difference to somebody that is watching and learning.

Get into a routine

Look - you don't need to write every single day. But, you do need to get on a schedule of regular posting. More is better but not at the sacrifice of the content. Get started with tools today and publish a few things. After a little while the law of inertia will kick in and help you keep going.

What works for you?

Maybe you can help me and other readers. What are you favorite tools? How do you keep on a schedule?

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