Tribes are a good thing

I recently read a tweet something along the lines of...."do we really judge a person based on the OS they choose to use in this day and age?" And the answer to that of course is yes!

It is no secret that I am a Microsoft guy. My business focuses on .NET development and I LOVE my new windows phone. I think Windows 7 is amazing (hell, Vista wasn't near as bad as many people thought), I can't wait for Windows 8 and hopefully a highly powered Windows 8 powered tablet is in my future, MS Office dominates the global business world, Visual Studio is the standard in development environments. I could go on but you get the point. I judge someone when they tell me they LOVE Apple products. Of course I is human nature and everyone needs to get over it. It comes from my own experience with products and users over more than a decade of working with end users. It isn't dislike or hatred we are talking about here and it is ok.

But the thing to remember here is that my perspective is from being a member of the Microsoft tribe. I am a pretty active member of the tribe...meaning....I use a lot of Microsoft products and technology every day and then go tell those around me all about it. So that means that if you are a member of the Apple tribe it is OK for you to think I am crazy and don't I know what I am talking about.

Why are tribes important?

I have recently become a believer in the power of human history in today's world (thank you Dr. Gundry). When you start thinking in a Paleo kind of way not only are tribes a good thing .... they are an absolute necessity to surviving in a harsh and cruel world.

The great thing is that the choices are can belong to more than one tribe, you can lead a tribe, you can participate or you can be a lurker.

Here are some of my tribes.

  1. My family - Obviously I don't have to explain why they are #1.
  2. Work - Web Station is a great team of designers and developers and I would do anything I could to help any of them.
  3. Clients - I have the privelege of working with extraordinary businesses.
  4. Microsoft - this is a big one with many sub-tribes: Windows, Windows Phone, ASP.NET development

What tribes are you proud that you belong to?

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