LinkedIn might not be the dominant social networking tool for the job seeker much longer...

Is Linkedin really worth $3B? Only time will really tell of course and it is great to see an IPO that has people excited. I love linkedin as a tool for networking - especially for those that are searching for a job. And it will probably be the top player in that market for a good long while but....

I just learned about BranchOut (thanks GaryVee!) and it is a must use tool for the job seekers out there. At first glance this tool is very well done and the Facebook integration is a huge magnifyier for any new tool that hits the market. I predict they will grow their user base and job listings at a dizzying pace so get in early!

Branchout for Job Search

Some key information about BranchOut:

  1. Allows you to discover the connections your friends have at top companies
  2. You can search over 3 million job listings and see if you already have an inside connection
  3. Easily create a profile - I just imported mine directly from Linkedin
  4. Companies and hiring managers can fine candidates - I haven't tried this featured but I do plan on it soon and will report back about the experience.

If you are a job seeker or just like professional networking BranchOut is something I really think you should consider. If you do, come back and leave a comment and let us know about your experience.

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