Do you own Part II

By now you have purchased your domain name. If you haven't already then shame on you - go register it now and then come back.

Now it is time to decide what the best platform for you to publish some content about yourself. Some options are:

1. Simple Online Profile / Resume - This is a great way to "get started" online if you aren't comfortable posting content on a fairly regular basis. Some great places to setup a simple profile page are:

  • - this is a great site for a very simple profile setup. You can write a short description about yourself and give links to your social meda accounts. You can choose from a variety of templates and for those of you that dabble in design you can create and upload a custom background also.
  • - thsi online profile site / resume site is a bit more robust than

Note: There are MANY places to setup an online profile. The important thing is that it is public. Don't expect people to login to Facebook to learn more about you. Believe it or not some people aren't on Facebook!

2. Blog - this one will get you the most bang for your buck. A good active blog will become the hub or your job search marketing efforts. Some great blogging options are:

  • Orchard - this is our current favorite blogging platform / CMS at Web Station. This one isn't for the newbies just yet but for those that like messing with new technology and like Windows based products this may be for you. 
  • Posterous - I love posterous - it is a stable and robust platform and they make it super easy to update via computer, smart phone or text message.
  • Tumblr - Gary Vaynerchuck loves it - isn't that enough! :)
  • WordPress - Clearly the industry leader in the space. Easy to setup and highly extendable via plug-ins. 
  • Blogger - this is where it all started - well kinda. Not my favorite but it is free and really easy for beginners to use.

Which one is right for you? I would try a couple and see what you like best. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter which one you use - the important thing is that you are out there engaging with the world.

Note: The process of pointing your domain name to these services will vary. Consult the help and/or FAQ sections of the respective websites for help.

Now that I have some online real estate what should I publish?

Tell the world (your prospective employers, clients, networking contacts, etc) what gets you fired up. Where are you passionate about? Make it business related but also make it personal. Give your future boss a glimpse into what makes you tick.

Help people out. We all have some knowledge or skill that can be helpful to others. If you have experience dealing with tough issues in your field write about them and the solution(s) you tried. What worked and what didn't? Be sure to include the failed attemtps - sometimes these are more helpful and time saving than the successes. I guarantee that if someone uses your information to fix a problem you will be on their mind next time there is a job opening. 

Some other great things to include would be: published works, association memberships, awards & honors and hobbies.

I setup a blog - how often should I publish new content?

This one is really going to be up to you. For some people writing a few times a week will come naturally but for others it will be torturous to think about the burden of writing that much. Generally speaking the more content you post the more search engine love you will get so you will want to try to post at least a couple times a month.

Just do it and then share!

Don't wait - this is too important. Go out and buy your domain name right now and get a profile site up and running. Come back here and share it (no crappy spam links allowed) with us so we can learn more about you. If you have other profile sites and/or blogging platforms that you love and weren't mentioned here please share that as well.

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